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Rocket Launch XR

If you love rockets, then you’ll love Rocket Launch XR DEMO!


If you love rockets, then you’ll love Rocket Launch XR!

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Grab a real-world rocket from the picture and examine it in your hand. Put it on the pedestal and launch the scale model. Wait for the parachute and follow it as it descends to the ground. Then choose “full size” and see an accurately scaled, beautifully modeled and rendered version rise from the silo. Hit the Launch button and watch it fly! Feel the awesome size and power of rockets of the world. Learn some facts about each. Browse the rocket’s web page in the built-in browser to dig deep into each rocket.

Whats new? Added two more rockets, Blue Origin New Glenn and SpaceX Falcon Heavy. You can now take an elevator ride to the top of the rocket and teleport up close to feel that massive real world scale. A new environment button allows you to choose your environment and launch at night.

Future features:

Apply your own decals and pictures on the scale model and see it full size.

Launch the scale model then teleport to it to catch it as it drops by parachute.

Choose your model engine and see the effects on each launch.

Share the launch with multi-user

Lot’s more real-world rockets!

Get one free rocket in the demo and 3 new rockets (4 total) when you contribute on


Developer: Major Sky Works LLC

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