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Out Or Dead

Puzzle Escape Room VR Game like Tea for God.


Out for dead offers procedural generated environments much like Tea for God, but is a completely new gameplay experience for the Oculus Quest. This game provides two demos in one. The first called Pyramid sees you exploring a pyramid as you try to find the treasure room. Along the way, you will need to solve puzzles and avoid obstacles as you make your way through the twisting labyrinth of corridors. The second demo called Training Ground uses the same procedural generated environments but sees you making your way through a futuristic labyrinth armed with a gun. You’ll need to take out sentry guns along the way if you are to make it out alive. This is a great SideQuest game that in my opinion is a must for any Quest users.


Developer: RobertW

Download “outordead.apk” outordead.apk – Downloaded 42 times – 471 MB

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