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Audio Warp v006

A music vr game.


To use this app, point your right hand at the menu in your left hand. Click on a Visualizer on the Left and a Tape on the Right. Make sure both are bright. An error can make it hard to click sometimes. Press Play when both are selected. You can change either at any time.
You are GOING to want to load your own music, so read this part CAREFULLY!
Plug in your Quest, go to this fold location:
UE4Game -> AudioWarp -> AudioWarp (yes, same name twice)
Create a Folder called: “Content”
Go into Content.
Make another Folder called: “NonAssets”
Go into NonAssets.
Put your MP3’s HERE.
Don’t go too crazy, more then 50 MP3’s might crash the app. Also, some MP3’s with strange encoding or cluttered ID3 tags might crash it. Be aware that some MP3’s won’t work.


Developer: MaxSMoke777

Download “audiowarp.apk” audiowarp.apk – Downloaded 53 times – 260 MB

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