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Ancient Dungeon

Grab your gear and delve into the dungeons of this rogue-lite dungeon crawler


Grab your gear and delve into the dungeons of this rogue-lite dungeon crawler, Ancient Dungeon VR, and uncover its secrets. Fight through hordes of different monsters with your sword and your throwing knife and collect tons of different powerups along the way to improve them and change their behaviour. Find and rescue friendly NPCs along your journey that can help you out in future runs by selling you different upgrades and perks for the right price. Challenge difficult and powerful bosses. Every dungeon you visit is procedurally generated, which means, each run is different from the last one! Do you have what it takes to find out what lies below?
All dungeons you encounter in your playthrough are randomly generated and filled with traps, secrets, semi-bosses and tons of different kinds of loot. The deeper you go the more dangerous the environment and the enemies will get. There are differently themed dungeons that you’ll encounter, for example the Overgrown Dungeon, that features a lot of vegetation and plant based enemies or the Infernal Dungeon, that features fire based enemies. But not all of your runs will encounter the same dungeons as there are multiple paths that you can take to get to different and hidden places.


Developer: Eric Thullen

Download “ancientdungeon.apk” ancientdungeon.apk – Downloaded 105 times – 158 MB

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